Update Convention

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Update 2016 Trade Show

Presentations/Handouts from Update 2016:

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These files are password protected and the password will be sent out through the RegOnline system. If you haven't received a password, please contact Pam Cook.


"Intalere Today and Supply Chain Solutions"  (Presented by Lori Pilla, Intalere)

Lab Mini-Session / Contract Update

Diagnostic Imaging Mini-Session / Contract Update

Med/Surg Mini-Session / Contract Update

Pharmacy Mini-Session / Contract Update

"How Do You Know If Your Sterilized Instruments Remain Sterile"  (Presented by Peggy Luebbert)

"Implementation of a CT Dose Program - What Managers Need to Know"  (Presented by Zubair Abassi, M.S., DABR, DABMP)

"Cyber Kill CHain: The Attacker Lifecycle"  (Presented by John Nagel, CyberNet Security, LLC)

Fresh Pack vs Bulk Pack Produce...To Be or Not to Be"  (Presented by Deborah Strand, Sysco North Dakota, Inc)

"Supply Chain Consulting: Transformation Solutions That Work"  (Presented by Shannon Wheeler, Intalere)

          "Intalere Supply Chain Overview"

          "Intalere Consultative Services"

"The Endocrinology of Aging: Can We Turn Back the Clock"  (Presented by Mary Mayo, Beckman Coulter Inc)

"Time Management for Busy Professionals"  (Presented by Kristi Pfliger-Kell



"Pharmaceutical Controlled Substances Diversion in the Healthcare Environment"  (Presented by Joseph Cappello, Diversion Investigator, DEA)

"Working Capital in Healthcare Foodservice: What's in Your Wallet"  (Presented by Peter Cayan, Intalere)

"Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO): National Strategies to Combat Resistance"  (Presented by Peggy Luebbert)

"Workplace Violence"  (Presented by Al Koch, OSHA)

          Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

"TJC Medication Management in Imaging"  (Presented by Aileen Staffaroni, University of Wisconsin)

"Fred Factor"  (Presented by Kristi Pfliger-Keller)

* presentations/handouts are added as they are made available to us. If there is no link for a session, then that presentation hasn't been given to us.