Advantage Healthcare developed a wide range of solutions to affect medical debt recoveries. Experienced and practicing collectors offer medical collections, group purchasing, physician review, and recruitment. With us, you can achieve your debts discharged in full or we proceed with payment schedule allowing you to cover them in parts. We know the tactics of safeguarding your brand and keeping a relationship with your patients and clients on a decent level. Otherwise, our specialists are knowledgeable in counseling regarding medical debt recovery, so whenever you only think to turn to our help, we may guide you through the whole process.

Medical Debt Collections – Advantage Healthcare offers recovery of bad debt accounts for various medical organizations. We are licensed and certified by the North Dakota Department of Banking and Financial Institutions, and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. So, the main focus is on receiving recovery within a short period and painlessly concerning your reputation. Please note, we treat clients the same they treat us, after agreeing on mutual understanding and cooperation, we guarantee respect and fairness.

Group Purchasing – Partnership with Intalere allows us to reduce expenses, boost revenue and quality of healthcare services. We have a comprehensive customized approach to individuals. So, your case will be taken into consideration with prompt attention.

Business Physician Peer Review – Our collaboration with American pharmacy allows us to provide clients with advanced physician review complying with CMS. We investigate the quality of medical care provided by other physicians to establish the working and efficient delivery of their services. Our reports will help you to understand whether one or another standard of healthcare is met.

Physician Recruitment – A depository of available physicians who seek work in North Dakota, search, assess, and hire them with Advantage Healthcare.

It is necessary to outline the necessity of partnership with Intalere. It helps our team to proceed with the contract portfolio, savings programs, marketing, and analytical resources, capital equipment, customer contracting options, partnership with healthcare leaders, and clinical assessment of quality, education, and counseling services.

In addition, we established a partnership with the Northern Star Alliance that helps us to find ways of reducing healthcare acquisition costs to our clients.