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Advantage Healthcare GP

Partnership with Intalere GPO helped us to achieve the results in reducing medical costs and boosting healthcare services quality. We focus on collaborations with medical facilities in North and South Dakota and nearby cities. For any inquiries regarding our partnership, click here to get to know more.

What Is Main Responsibility of GPO?

A GPO helps healthcare providers to reduce the costs on medical resources or services obtained initially from manufacturers or distributors. It works by sticking to the required purchasing volume of products that will result in leverage that should be negotiated. Accordingly, the outcome is discounted for recipients of services, care, products. So, GPO focuses on saving money for purchases.

The Advantage Healthcare GP works together with more than 200 healthcare facilities. It collaborates with its affiliates and members through direct visitations on sites. Otherwise, we organize an annual trade show aimed to offer services and products at discounted prices. Together with Intalere, we may also involve electronic interaction methods to negotiate or collaborate.

To get to know more, please contact our coordinator Liza Spencer by calling at 1-800-999-3214 or emailing at


Being a healthcare supply chain agency, Intalere is aimed to provide guidance, counseling and full support for healthcare providers. Its specialists designate tactics to affect the purchasing and its further costs. Our partnership is focused on delivering successful results to our clients. Together, we are committed to listen, negotiate and provide various solutions to safeguard the reputation of one party, and boost its revenue. Unlike other organizations, we know how to break the ice where others gave in.

Intalere will be involved with you to resolve disputes, overcome challenges, and engineer solutions. It enhances supply chains for those members and communities that want to affect product standardization or those who need new methods to lower costs and affect expenses.

As of now, Intalere can still accommodate more than 1,500 contracts. It offers options for savings on basic medical accessories such as gloves or test kits. Moreover, it includes a wide assortment catalog of pharmaceutical products.

How GPO Is Connected to Healthcare?

Various healthcare parties use the help of GPO’s to get access to cheaper products or their discounts. In fact, about 73% of purchases proceed with GPO contracts only.

A long time partnership with many supply chains helps GPO’s offer savings. It is done by annual negotiations and balancing of the relationship and demand.

Averagely, GPO’s committed to saving at least 10-15% off the price. Annually, this percentage results in $33 billion.

Moreover, GPO’s provide special offers to its members through standardization and streamlining of their regular purchases.

What Is GPO’s Functionality?

Intalere established a committee of representatives belonging to the healthcare and medical industry, such as practicing physicians, dentists, and so on. This committee will come up with an idea of the best and required medical supply to deliver the services. Once the negotiations are done, GPO’s work on establishing contact with manufacturers, vendors or distributors to discuss the cost.

After the mutual agreement and contract are created, members reserve the right to negotiate the relevance of products and their purchase. GPO’s do not buy any products but connect members to distributors and vendors only.

Basically, all types of healthcare providers can use GP services. About 98% of hospitals in the US use GPO’s contacts for purchasing purposes. Some researches also state that some healthcare providers turn to the help of two or three GPO’s simultaneously. Besides, physician markets or parties providing home and ambulatory care can refer to GP to affect costs and boost their revenue as well.

What Are the Types of GPO’s?

Today, the differentiation concerns their size, the type and manner of ownership, and the available services they deliver to clients. Intalere, working since 1986 has a set of standards and practices that can differ from the other organizations.

Hospitals and many other healthcare providers turn to GPO’s to manage or create a working system of savings and discounted purchases. Besides, GPO’s offer e-commerce solutions, reduction of medical errors by standardizing the product use, education of clinicians, bar-coding of medical products.

Mainly, GPO’s are financed by suppliers. Besides, they have administrative fees obtained in the events when one healthcare provider buys products through a contract with GPO’s. Individuals fund this organization with a membership fee.