At Advantage Healthcare we provide an individual approach to medical debt recovery and support services. For your convenience, acknowledge the available options with us.


  • Medical debt recovery;
  • No fee contingency programs;
  • Resolving disputes;
  • Programs for the encouragement of debtors to resolve payments voluntarily;
  • Full Payments, Schedule Payments.

Litigation Proceedings

  • If the debtor fails to repay a debt or refuse to discharge it, we proceed with litigation proceedings by our attorney with the following garnishment of wages or execution of property.

The North Dakota Hospital Association Affiliation

  • With the NDHA Affiliation, our clients can access resources restricted from other collection agencies. This party provides our agency with full information regarding healthcare issues, and further on, with its help, we can serve clients better.


  • Monthly, quarterly and customized reports available with us. We cooperate and submit data to Equifax Credit Reporting Service. Monthly reports give a full picture of transactions and current balances of one account. Quarterly deals with actual recovery percentages. Customized ones proceed upon request.

Skip Tracing

  • We provide free of charge skip tracing during the collection procedure.

Finally, with Advantage Healthcare you communicate and cooperate only with trained staff. All our team members comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They are certified collectors who are knowledgeable about state collection processes and techniques.