With Advantage Healthcare you can expect your time is valued and taken into consideration to resolve disputes. For your convenience, please find the list of frequently asked questions regarding our services.

When can you collect my money?

Everything is focused on the debt size, age, and the debtor’s willingness to discharge it, and his ability to do so. Some debtors would like to pay and do it within a short period. However, some debtors announce the insufficiency of funds or refuse to pay. If one does not want to pay, the litigation proceedings should start.

Why Us?

Look, the collection agencies are always involved in debt recovery even when debtors do not cooperate directly with them. Then, a debtor will intend to pay and think it is a serious case when you turn to collection agencies because he knows that he will have a bad credit rating. Also, we can organize litigation services.

What if one refuses to pay or states it isn’t his debt?

In such events, we send one proof that a debt belongs to him, it can be statements, invoices, or other documents. If he simply refuses to pay, the litigation proceedings are recommended.

What amounts of debts do proceed with agencies?

With Advantage Healthcare there are no limitations.

How do we follow up?

We supervise the debtors’ addresses from 6 months up to 1 year. We check if any updates are made or the paying capacity of the debtor changed.

Does age influence debt recovery?

Older debts are harder in terms of collection.

How many years have you been collecting debts?

We started our activity in 1963. Since those times, we gathered sufficient knowledge in collective practices in the medical and healthcare fields.

What should you sign with us?

First off, you should contact us and discuss your issue. After, we will send you a contract. Note, with us, there are no limitations in accounts.

What guarantees do we have?

We won’t promise 100% debt recovery for reasons not within our control but we will do our best.

What to do if you want to place collections with us?

You should contact us via email or fax and send your accounts. Otherwise, you can receive access to our website to attach it directly.

Do you have any fees?

They depend on the service. But, we do not charge them for debt recovery.

How to start with us?

Contact our coordinator Liza Spencer by calling at 1-800-999-3214 or emailing at lizspencer@advantagehealthcare.com.

What information do we need from applicants?

Your party details including name, address, and contact details. The debtor’s personal data. The total amount in debt, and supporting information regarding overdue payment.

What are the recovery rates?

We do not do such statistics because they radically differ from client to client. It depends on such factors as age, number of accounts, and accordingly amount in debt. If the accounts are 3 months old, and you have a good credit rating, the chance to recover is very optimistic.

Will I pay a percentage?

Yes. However, if we do not collect a debt, there are no charges.

What documents are required for supporting the debt?

An invoice or statement copy mentioning a total amount in debt, and the debtor’s personal details such as an address, mobile number, employment details, SS#, DOB.

How we collect?

After you sign a contract with us, we send collection notice to the debtor. We inform one about 30 days deadline to discharge debts or request verification. After some time, in case one does not contact us back, we will call. If within 30 days, one does not pay or respond, we send a demand for payment. If no results, we call one more frequent.

What is the requirement toward applicants?

We only ask you to inform us in case the debtor discharges a debt to you directly. It is illegal for us to pursue calls once he is done with the payment. Call us to get to know more.

How long should you wait to proceed with the collection of debts?

Once you think your account is bad, you can start the proceedings.

How many accounts can I send?

As many as you wish.