Advantage Healthcare is the organization of advanced approaches and solutions to various financial situations. We treat both clients and debtors equally, and for us, a debtor is a kind of patient who requires support and prompt care. We strive to maintain a mutual understanding of clients and their debtors and do our best to make them treat each other equally the same.

Our target is to provide a client with a full payment of debt obtained from his debtor. If payment in a full manner is impossible, we establish a schedule where debt will be efficiently covered within time. This schedule will be based on the debtors’ earnings and obligations, the same as the amount of the debt. If one does not want to pay it, unfortunately, we will need to proceed with litigation.

An additional motivation for debtors to discharge debt is that Advantage Healthcare will submit their accounts to the Equifax credit reporting service. However, exclusively for our clients we do not send their accounts.

We ensure the accounts are reviewed regularly in order to maximize the efficiency of collection, and opportunities to not spoil credit rating.