Physician Recruitment service offered with Advantage Healthcare is provided by the North Dakota Hospital Association. And, it is available to all the healthcare providers that are located within Advantage Healthcare servicing area.

Today, reality shows that the recruiting process can be extended, postponed or failed for no valid reasons. Sometimes, recruits concern more about unnecessary activities or focus on their families sacrificing working hours and responsibilities. So, when one healthcare facility requires a physician, it should be ready to accommodate a suitable candidate complying with his rules. For example, a physician may inquire about crime rates in the working area, schools for children, or religious establishments nearby. It makes facilities struggle with hiring because some of them cannot meet such expectations for reasons not within their control.

Our physician recruitment program allows parties to save money and time. We provide them with a depository of candidates who are willing to pursue their careers in North Dakota. The program helps to address shortages, and improve the quality of healthcare within a short time. You can rely on us, and we will achieve the top results at minimal cost and requirements.