The following information provides guidance on the events when one receives a collection notice. Note, based on our experience, most of the people who were obliged to discharge a debt with us intended to do it voluntarily. However, for various reasons, some of them could not do it. Despite a common belief that collectors are dangerous, you may rest assured knowing that with us your collection will proceed with mutual understanding, and painlessly. Our assistance and support help people to get rid of critical financial situations. And, we are committed to providing you with solutions. Following the next advice, you can deprive yourself of useless stress and troubles.

Stay Calm

If you received a collection notice from us, please do not get panic or be angry. Your account came to us only because a party you used for services values their bond with you, and wants to avoid negative consequences. As far as you did not pay your bill, the same business cannot pay its bills, and it all leads to debts in two parties. Unfortunately, now this business can no longer make amendments and expect you to resolve a situation, and discharge a debt immediately.

Contact Us

If you are sure this collection notice sent by mistake, notify us as soon as possible. If it belongs to you, please provide us with information about the payment. If you cannot pay, we expect to hear the reasons why. If you fail to contact our agency, it will mean you refuse to acknowledge a notice, and accordingly to pay.

Let Us Help

We are committed to supporting and helping people with their debts. Mutual understanding is our top priority. If you contact us and let us help, our team members knowledgeable in collections may find a solution for you. Note, this debt can prevent you from obtaining credit elsewhere.

We truly believe you understand that the issues can be solved within a short period and that we are ready to help you. Accept our assistance, and let’s solve your financial situation.