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“The name, Intalere, derives from the Latin word “alere” that means “to nourish.” “Int” is the beginning of the word “integrate.” Our new name represents an evolved mission of elevating the operational health of America’s healthcare providers by designing tailored, smart solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes.

Our vision is focused on being the essential partner for operational excellence in healthcare through customized solutions that address customers’ individual needs by assisting in managing their entire non-labor spend, providing innovative technologies, products and services, and leveraging the best practices of a provider-led model.

Amerinet has built a reputation through its 27 year history of timeliness, and being knowledgeable and responsive to member needs in helping more than 80,000 members in their quest to reduce costs and improve quality. We look forward to continuing and expanding that journey with you as Intalere.

Our new name and logo are bold and modern, while also honoring our history. The logo also illustrates what has and will continue to set us apart – comprehensive solutions delivered in an individualized plan for each organization, provided in partnership with members through excellence in customer service.

Intalere is now uniquely positioned to become the innovation leader in the industry, based on this exceptional tradition, now combined with Intermountain Healthcare’s nationally-recognized supply chain expertise and innovation in technology, process improvement, and evidence-based clinical and business best practices.

We hope you share our excitement for the new Intalere and “Elevating the Health of Healthcare.” Be sure to look for us in upcoming issues of Modern Healthcare, Hospitals and Health Networks (H&HN) and HeathLeaders. We hope that you will be able to join us at the 2016 Intalere Member Conference, May 17-20 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, as we formally introduce the new brand.

– Brent Johnson, President & CEO of Intalere”

The new brochure will help to further define Intalere’s differentiated position in the market. Also feel free to check out the FAQ sheetto help answer any initial questions.

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