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Intermountain Healthcare Reaches Agreement in Principle to Acquire ARI Ownership in Amerinet

Salt Lake City, May 18, 2015 — As part of Intermountain Healthcare’s ongoing efforts to deliver the best possible value to Amerinet members and stakeholders, and to further Amerinet’s efforts to offer best-in-class solutions, Intermountain has reached an agreement in principle to acquire Administrative Resources, Inc.’s 50% ownership of Amerinet, one of the nation’s largest healthcare group purchasing organizations, subject to ARI shareholder approval. Intermountain Healthcare already owns the other 50% of Amerinet.

Intermountain Healthcare’s vision is to continue the focus of Amerinet, which will result in enhanced services, positive industry momentum, and significant opportunities and benefits to current and potential customers and vendors.

“We are confident that, following the acquisition of all of Amerinet by Intermountain Healthcare, Amerinet will provide enhanced long-term value, innovation, opportunity, and sustainability. Amerinet remains fully dedicated to its customers, affiliates, and employees as we embark on this exciting journey,” says Bert Zimmerli, Amerinet co-chair and Intermountain Healthcare executive vice president and CFO.

Group purchasing and supply chain organizations are strategically important and often have been overlooked in the healthcare industry. Intermountain Healthcare’s supply chain methodologies and contributions have led to breakthrough financial and operational results. Where possible, Intermountain Healthcare intends to utilize its supply chain successes for the benefit of Amerinet and its customers. By using supply chain best practice methodologies, Amerinet will be positioned to provide stronger product offerings and services through combined organizational enhancements.

Amerinet is expected post-closing to offer a full array of products, services, and technologies that educate and enable healthcare leaders to transform their own organizations. Amerinet will offer strategy and solutions tailored for specific customers, which should drive results and transform healthcare “This is a significant and exciting next step in the evolution of Amerinet,” said Todd Ebert, president and CEO of Amerinet. “With vision and focus, together with the available resources, expertise and experience resulting from this change, Amerinet will offer customers more of what they need from a supply chain service provider with market-leading options, tools, and expertise.”

“This strategic development will heighten the long-term value and growth of Amerinet, providing even greater opportunities for our customers,” said Robert Mulcahey, co-chair, Amerinet Board of Directors and chair, ARI Board.

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